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Stuck Finding the Perfect Business Name?

Find Your Unique
Business Name and URL

Cut through the frustration and
jumpstart your brainstorming today!

Many entrepreneurs spend weeks, or even months, stuck in this crucial first step, unable to move forward with building their business 

Are you …

Struggling to come up with a unique business name and URL?

Wasting days, weeks, or even months trying to find the perfect company name?

Lacking brainstorming ideas to get those creative juices flowing?

Searching for creative inspiration to break free from your naming rut?

Confused by the technical jargon surrounding URLs and domain extensions?

Overwhelmed by all of the URL extensions available?

But what if there was a clear, step-by-step guide to help you break free from this rut and confidently choose a name and URL?


Gathering the Pieces

Name Your Business and Find a URL

Gathering the Pieces - Naming Your Business Workbook cover

Image having a page full of creative ideas for your new business name!

This course will guide you through the creative process of finding a unique business name, securing the perfect URL, and avoiding common pitfalls.

Course Value: $99

Limited Time Price $59

When you sign up you will ...

Unlock Your Creativity: Create unique business name ideas with simple strategies

Demystify URLs: Gain a crystal-clear understanding of URLs and domain extensions, empowering you to choose the perfect online identity for your business with confidence.

Save Precious Time: Say goodbye to weeks of frustration and indecision. These strategies will have you deciding on your ideal business name and URL in no time.

Save Money: Hiring a brand strategist can be costly. This program offers a cost-effective solution to do-it-yourself without the hefty price tag of hiring an expert.

Infinite Ideas at Your Fingertips: Never feel stuck again. Using the 7 methods to brainstorm and refine your name ideas to open up a world of possible name options.

Here's What's Included

“Gather the Pieces: Name your Business and Find a URL,” is a comprehensive mini-course that guides new business owners through the process of brainstorming business names and finding the right URL. 

Hello name tag
Seven Ways to Name a Business
What is a Domain Name?
Learn All About URLs
Naming workbook
Example Walk Through
PDF Guide and Workbook

Find your perfect business name and URL in just an afternoon

Picture of Lisa Sundell
Hi, i'm Lisa Sundell!

Hi, my name is Lisa Sundell!  I design, build, host, and maintain WordPress websites … the typical “done-for-you” website design offerings.

But over the years, I have talked with so many women creatives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners who either …

💜 Need a website, want to DIY, but don’t know where to start

💜 Have a website but struggle to understand how their website works and how to improve it for both website visitors AND Google (aka SEO)

So, in addition to my “done-for-you” typical services, I now also offer “done-with-you” options to help people get unstuck and move forward.  

Gathering the Pieces​
Name Your Business and Find a URL​

Learn seven creative strategies to remove the creative blocks preventing you from naming your company and finding a URL.

Plus, navigate the world of URLs.  Learn all about your choices when buying URLs so that you are clear on what you want to buy (and what you should stay away from).  Say goodbye to a confusing process, and dive in with clarity.

Limited Time Price $59

Course Value: $99

Frequently Asked Questions

A: This course is designed to help you break through the frustration by providing you with creative and practical strategies to find a name that resonates with you.

A: Yes! This course provides practical strategies and tools to get your ideas flowing.

A Yes! This course breaks down the intricacies of URLs in an easy-to-understand manner. You'll walk away with a clear understanding; no tech background is required.

A: This varies for each person.  The main part of the course is under an hour, with an additional 30 minute live example.  You will then take all of the teachings and apply to your business.  Actual time will vary depending on how much brainstorming you do.

A: If you're looking for someone to give you ideas specific to your business, you can book a 1:1 coaching call for us to work together.

A: I want everyone who purchases my course to find value.  If you are not satisfied with this course please reach out to me using the links inside of the course.  Solutions can range from converting your purchase to a 1:1 zoom call with me, to a refund!

A: There will be a link to my email inside each module of the course that you can use to contact me.

I understand the challenges and frustrations you might face.  I was once in your shoes and spent WAAAYYY too much time (4 weeks!) choosing a name for my business.  So I am here to support you. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Transform confusion and indecision into clarity and confidence

Craft the perfect business name and URL

Benefit / Transformation

Unlock Your Creativity

Create unique business name using seven brainstorming strategies.

Benefit / Transformation

Demystify URLs

Answer your URL questions so that you can select the best URL for your business.

Benefit / Transformation

Save Time and Money

A workbook guides you through the process and keeps you organized.