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Tired of Being Lost in a Sea of Fonts?

Stop Wasting Time: Say Goodbye to Font Overwhelm and Frustration

No more aimless browsing. Discover the system that cuts through the font confusion so you can choose your fonts and move on with other parts of your website.

End Font Overwhlem: Say goodbye to the confusion and hello to a systematic font selection approach.

Finding a Font: When Choosing a Font Feels Like Looking For a Needle in a Haystack

Does the thought of finding a font feel like navigating a maze with no exit in sight? Overwhelmed and paralyzed by the thousands of choices?  Confused with how to choose fonts that work well together and are also readable?

Overwhelm from choices with countless fonts available, where does one even begin?

Is it Readable? The fear that the font might look aesthetically pleasing but is hard to read, especially on various devices or resolutions.

Pairing Problems: How do you find another font that complements your primary choice for headings, body text, etc.?

Accessibility Concerns: Ensuring that the font is inclusive and easily readable for people with visual impairments or dyslexia.

Overthinking and Second-Guessing? Caught in the cycle of analysis paralysis, constantly wondering if there's a better choice out there.

From Endless Scrolling to Effortless Selection: Discover the system that cuts through the font clutter in record time.


Zero to Done

Choose a Font Without Overwhelm

Unlock the secret to efficient font selection. Go from frustrated and indecisive to confidently selecting the fonts for your website.  With this step-by-step process, you will save time by learning how to narrow down the font options and save money by doing it yourself and not hiring an expensive brand designer.

Course Value: $99

Limited Time Price $49

From Endless Scrolling to Effortless Selection: Discover the system that cuts through the font clutter and saves you time.

Discover the Font Formula and Say Goodbye to Overwhelm!

Simplify the world of typography with this streamlined system that guides you from frustration to efficiently finding the right fonts for your website. 


Dive into “Zero to Done: Choose a Font Without Overwhelm” and learn how to break through the endless number of fonts available for you to use on your website.

Learn a Font-Choosing Method: Equip yourself with a step-by-step approach that will result in a font that looks good and works well for your website.

Streamline Your Font Selection: No more endless scrolling through countless font options. Dive straight into the best choices with our efficient system.

Save $$$ on Branding: Bypass the hefty fees of hiring a professional, saving you hundreds, if not thousands.

Reclaim Your Time: Cut down the hours spent on indecision. With our system, you'll pinpoint your ideal font faster, allowing you to move on to building your website.

Banish Decision Overwhelm: Say goodbye to second-guessing and the anxiety of choice paralysis. With this guide, you will confidently choose your fonts.

USP Framework

From foundational knowledge to hands-on strategy and real-world application, this course offers a comprehensive 3-part framework that educates and empowers. Live demonstrations and a dedicated workbook turn font selection from a daunting task into a streamlined process, bridging theory with application.

Font Foundations

Understanding Font Categories: Dive into the world of Serif, Sans-Serif, Handwriting, and Monospace fonts to fully understand the differences.

Purposeful Selection: Learn when and why to use each font type, ensuring you use the different types of fonts correctly on your website.

Streamlined Search Strategy

Efficient Search: Techniques and tips to narrow your font search to save time and reduce overwhelm.

Practical Insights: Watch real-time demonstrations of font selections for a new website, providing a hands-on guide to making the right decisions.

Practical Application

Focused Fonts Workbook: A dedicated workbook designed to help you curate and finalize your font choices, turning theory into actionable steps.

Real-world Application: Apply your newfound knowledge and skills to your website.

Here's What's Included

An engaging opening paragraph that addresses the reader’s pain points or challenges. Keep it short so it’s quick and easy to read and digestible

Learn the basics of font categories and their characteristics
Learn how to narrow down your font search
Workbook to use as you narrow down and pick fonts for your website

Turn Days of Font Searching into Hours: Zero To Done’s methods will change the way you approach font selection.

What's in the course?

Navigate the vast world of typography with confidence. 

This course will guide you through understanding the basics of font types to hands-on exploration of Google Fonts. After this course, you will feel confident in making choices that represent your brand while keeping your website easy to read, without feeling overwhelmed by the number of font options.

Font overview
Dive into Google Fonts
Picture of Lisa Sundell
Hi, I am Lisa Sundell!

Hi, my name is Lisa Sundell!  I design, build, host, and maintain WordPress websites … the typical “done-for-you” website design offerings.

But over the years, I have talked with so many women creatives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners who either …

💜 Need a website, want to DIY, but don’t know where to start

💜 Have a website but struggle to understand how their website works and how to improve it for both website visitors AND Google (aka SEO)

So, in addition to my “done-for-you” typical services, I now also offer “done-with-you” options to help people get unstuck and move forward.  

This course IS
for you if ...

You don’t know where to start

Serif, sans serif, and monospaced - if you don’t know what these words mean, this course was built for you.

You're overwhelmed by options

There are literally thousands of fonts available. Learn to navigate and narrow down options without feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

You want fonts that complement each other

I show you what to look for, as well as a simple method to make sure your fonts complement each other.

You're overwhelmed by options

There are literally thousands of fonts available. Learn to navigate and narrow down options without feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

You're worried about readability

Not all fonts are created equal. Some are harder to read than others. Ensure your text is easily readable, and your fonts aren’t distracting from your message.

You're looking to save money

Hiring a brand designer can be costly. This program offers a cost-effective solution to making educated font choices without the hefty price tag of hiring an expert.

This course is NOT
for you if ...

You have a background in typography

If you're a seasoned graphic designer or brand creator, you already have a deep understanding of fonts, and this program will cover information you already know.

You want a plug-and-play list

This program gives you a step-by-step way to select your fonts. It's not a list of "top 5 fonts to use” or a magic button that will pick a font for you. This program is designed to guide, not decide for you.

You're not committed to putting in a few hours to find your fonts

To truly benefit, you'll need to invest a few hours in understanding and applying the steps I teach. This might not be the right fit if you're looking for a "done-for-you approach.

You want a unique font

If you want a unique font this isn't the right course for you. This course is about selecting a Google font, not designing and creating a custom font.

Your goal is to be a brand designer

While this program delves into the theory of font choices, it is not a detailed training on design and branding.

Zero to Done:
Choose a Font Without Overwhelm

Limited Time Price $49​

Course Value: $99

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Absolutely! This program is designed to help you navigate the vast sea of font choices, understand their classifications, and confidently pick the right fonts for your website.

A: The font you choose acts as a silent ambassador for your brand. It influences perceptions, evokes emotions, and can either enhance or detract from your message. A thoughtful font choice ensures clarity, professionalism, and alignment with your brand's personality.

A: Font selection is both an art and a science. This program is designed to minimize the risk of "wrong" choices by giving you the tools and knowledge to make confident choices.

A: Not at all! I’ve created this program for business owners, not designers. This course focuses on streamlining the process of choosing a readable font that feels good for your brand and is easily readable.

A: Absolutely not! Fonts carry personality and can influence how your message is received. The difference between a modern sans-serif, classic serif, and a fancy handwriting font can change your website’s feel and readability.

A: Yes, it can! The right font can make your content more readable, shareable, and actionable, directly influencing customer interactions.

A: While there's no universally "bad" font, there are fonts inappropriate for certain contexts or are hard to read. We'll discuss these and provide guidance on making good choices.

A: No. While there are premium fonts that might fit your brand perfectly, there are also countless high-quality free fonts available. This course focuses on Google Fonts, which are free to use.  In this course, I discuss why I use Google Fonts on most websites I build. 

A: The program is designed to be self-paced. The recorded video time is XXX minutes, and the amount of time you sent inside of Google Fonts looking at options will vary.

A: The program is designed to be self-paced. The recorded video time is XXX minutes, and the amount of time you sent inside of Google Fonts looking at options will vary.

A: If you decide the course isn't right for you, contact me, and we will set up a Zoom call to discuss applying your course purchase to a "done-for-you" or 1:1 coaching call so that you can walk away with fonts for your website.

A:  By helping you swiftly and confidently decide on typography, one of the foundational design elements, you'll likely save time in the overall design process. No more second-guessing or changing fonts repeatedly!

A: Think of it this way: This course costs a fraction of what you would spend to hire a brand specialist to choose your fonts for you.   By doing it yourself, you also ensure that the final fonts are ones that you like!

A: While this program is primarily about font selection, feeling confident in your design choices can be one step towards overcoming imposter syndrome. Seeing your website reflect your vision can boost your confidence in presenting your brand.

I understand the challenges and frustrations you might face, I was once in your shoes and spent WAAAYYY too much time searching through fonts, so I am here to support you. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

In Summary

Choose the perfect fonts for your website without overwhelm and frustration

Benefit / Transformation

Learn Font Basics

Discover the different categories that fonts fall into, plus when and where to use fonts from each group.

Benefit / Transformation

Easy-to-follow method

Watch while I demonstrate my exact process so that you can duplicate it and quickly narrow down and choose the fonts for your website.

Benefit / Transformation

Save Time and Money

Save precious time with this font-narrowing method and save money by not hiring an expensive brand designer