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Three common design mistakes that distract your visitors

... and how to fix them!

Photo representing someone working on UI design.

When I review people’s website sites, I see three common design mistakes that are easy to fix.  Are you accidentally making these costly mistakes on your website?

Download this easy-to-use guide to learn what these mistakes are and how to fix them.

When you optimize your website’s design visitors will have a better 

  • experience
  • stay longer
  • click to buy your products
  • and will sign-up for your services

Increasing the time people stay on your website and the number of links they click on sends a message to Google that your site is valuable and they should rank your page higher in search results.

Making these changes will improve your website for your visitors AND Google (aka SEO).

Grab this free resource and improve your website today!

Freebie - Improve Your UI (#6)

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